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The International Foundation for Education and Culture 'Planet of People' is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created to contribute, in accordance with the aims declared in the Constitution of UNESCO, to peace and security in the world, in particular, by giving fresh impulse to and developing new approaches to communication between the peoples and employing these approaches to promote through educational and cultural exchange a truer and more perfect knowledge of each other's lives that can advance mutual understanding and respect which in its turn can be a foundation for intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind necessary in a spirit of mutual assistance and concern to defend peace and every man's dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms affirmed by the Charter of the United Nations.

The mission of the 'Planet of People' peace marathon project is to symbolically visualize the idea of peace and consolidation of efforts for solution of problems common to all mankind, as well as the willingness of the national, regional and local governments in various countries to support this idea by a little organizational support and acceptable financial contribution to success of this project.
The sculptures 'Planet of People' designed to be placed in the cities of the project will accordingly symbolize the above both by means of art and through the very fact of its placing.

Work on the project by countries and cities (about 1000 cities worldwide - choose a country).

'Planet of People' sculpture projects contest (project specification)

International Jury of the 'Planet of People' sculpture projects contest.

Transcontinental routes of the 'Planet of People' peace marathons.

Teams of the transcontinental routes of the 'Planet of People peace marathons project.

Open letter to local governments.

Opinions about the 'Planet of People' peace marathons project (print, video).

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