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The PLANET OF PEOPLE International Cultural and Education Centre

The primary aim of the ICEP is to encourage cultural and educational activities on a regional and municipal level in order to disseminate information about history, culture and the diverse facets of contemporary life of a wide variety of countries.

It is also aimed at supporting cultural, educational, pacifist, journalistic and scientific research projects, providing assistance to talented young people in the realisation of a range of international cultural and educational exchange projects. These are involved in the area of regional development, social and other activities.

The ICEP also carries out educational and organisational work in accordance with the aims of the Foundation (education of children to foster an active civil position and leadership qualities, encouraging young people to become involved in charitable work, and promulgating and encouraging people of all ages to live healthily, organising and financial and material support for the self-organisation of small associations to help resolve social and domestic problems). It also provides training and coordination for volunteers and collaborators of the Foundation to work on its programme.

Translated from Russian by David Mossop

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