About the Planet of People TV project

"...I wish you from the bottom of my heart great success with your Planet of People project, active supporters, good benefactors and sponsors..."
Sergey Mironov, Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation in 2001-2011

"... I have looked at your website for Planet of People, and I recognize that we have some very similar and complementary ideas. You are undertaking a very large, important - even necessary - project. I wish you great success with Planet of People!
...I completely understand what it is like to begin an enormous project such as Planet of People, and I know that it takes all the dedication and energy we have, but that we are up to the task, because we believe in it so strongly.
...I hope we can create a strong relationship to work together. Your project is very important, and also very large - it will require the cooperation of many, many people and organizations around the world. LETV will be proud to endorse your effort, and to add Planet of People to the organizations that endorse the work of LETV.
I look forward to the start of a long and fruitful partnership.
Best wishes,

Martha M. Foster * Founder/Executive Director, Living Earth Television, USA, Chicago

* Martha Foster is one of the well-known documentary filmmakers in the USA, more than once a member of the International Jury of the International Educational Documentary Festival in China, author of the partner Living Earth Television project.

"... the realization of the Planet of People video project can certainly greatly contribute to mutual understanding and cooperation between the representatives of diverse cultures.
...I wish you fruitful work and great success!"

Karen Shahnazarov, General Director of MOSFILM Company, Russia, Moscow

"... We, The World is very interested in partnership with you! We are currently seeking Resource Partners with whom we can complete several important We, The World projects that can inspire, inform and involve millions of new people in creating a better world. We are also interested in working with... groups with similar values and vision like Planet of People to bring their projects to a global audience...
...If things work out, we can make the programs of Planet of People a major theme of 11 Days of Global Unity in September!..."
Rick Ulfik, Executive Director, USA, New York

"Dear Friends,
thank you for sending me the information about your activities. You are doing very good and necessary work...
I am honored that you thought of me.
...Please do use my name and quote. I will tell everyone who I can about your wonderful work. Very Best Wishes,
Betsy A. McLane, PhD. Director Emeritus of the International Documentary Association", USA, California

"...the Planet of People video project is undoubtedly a new word in the television industry and the international cultural and educational exchange...
The potential of the Planet of People Channel as it is designed, as well as international cultural and educational, even social and political significance of the Planet of People TV project can hardly be overestimated..."
Gennady Ryabov, Rector of the Linguistic University, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

"... thank you for sending your Planet of People information. It looks fascinating and I wish you luck with it. My Institute is happy to support and encourage it in whatever ways we can this important initiative."
Dr. Thomas C. Daffern, Director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy
United Kingdom, London

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