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Planet of People Culture and Education Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created to contribute, in accordance with the aims declared in the Con-stitution of UNESCO, to peace and security in the world, in particular, by giving fresh impulse to and developing new methods of communication between the peoples and employing these methods to promote through educational and cultural exchange a truer and more perfect knowledge of each other's lives that can advance mutual understanding and respect which in its turn can be a foundation for intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind necessary in a spirit of mutual assistance and concern to defend peace and every man's dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms affirmed by the Charter of the United Na-tions.


In the online video archive of the Planet of People media project there will be represented all countries - participants of the projects, i.e. gradually all countries of the world.

Video materials representing in all language versions of the Planet of People video archive, for example, the United States of America will include the following:
- original programs of the U.S. part of the Planet of People TV project;
(read more about the Planet of People TV project)

- documentary films and programs on the themes of the history and the present-day life of the USA - from the ancient times up to nowadays (films and programs of the U.S. and foreign right-holders in chro-nological succession of the depicted events);

- fiction films about the past, recent and modern-day life of the USA (films of the U.S. and foreign film-makers in chronological succession of the depicted events);

- non-fiction and fiction films about to the famous Americans (politicians and statesmen, generals, scien-tists, travelers, writers and poets, painters, musicians, etc.) offered for inclusion in the U.S. part of the video archive by the U.S. and foreign right-holders;

- recently and currently broadcast talk shows dedicated to discussions of various events in the history and present-day life of the USA;

- video records of speeches, interviews, etc. of statesmen and politicians, scientists, representatives of the spheres of culture, education, mass media, justice, business, etc. - from appearance of talking pictures and television in the USA up to nowadays;

- samples of the U.S. cinema and TV programs illustrating the public life, culture and mass media in the USA in different periods of time - archival footage, newsreels, movies, talk shows, analytical, woman's, youth TV programs, animation, etc.;

- music and poetry: fragments of TV programs and concert records, video with the best samples of:
- American classical music (instrumental music, opera, operetta) and classical dancing
- American music of all styles
- music from the American movies
- folk music and dancing
- performances of American poets and readers

- tourist subjects (nature, cities, landmarks, folk trades and customs, fishing, hunting, American cuisine, etc.);

- the best American and foreign movies of all genres included and not included in the above categories - screen versions of works of literature, melodramas, comedies, detective stories, science fiction, etc.

- in the start-up version of the online video archive "Planet of People", there will be no original programs of the national parts of the Planet of People TV project;
- video content on every country in every language version of the online video archive "Planet of People" can include: a) foreign films and programs already translated to a certain language b) films and programs translated to a certain language by the translators of the project c) not translated films and programs;
- nonfiction films and movies about the history and modern-day life of foreign countries and on the inter-national issues will be included in the video content on certain countries and the international themes of the online video archive "Planet of People";
- amount of video materials for representation of any country in the online video archive "Planet of People" is not limited.

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South America
|Argentina| |Bolivia| |Brazil| |Chile| |Colombia| |Costa Rica| |Cuba| |Dominican Republic| |Ecuador| |El Salvador|
|French Guiana (French territory)| |Guatemala| |Haiti| |Honduras| |Mexico| |Nicaragua| |Panama| |Paraguay| |Peru|
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|Libya| |Madagascar| |Malawi| |Mali| |Mauritania| |Mauritius| |Morocco| |Mozambique| |Namibia| |Niger| Nigeria| Republic of the Congo| |Rwanda| |Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic| |Saint Tome and Principe| |Senegal|
|Seychelles| |Sierra Leone| |Somalia| |South Africa| |Sudan| |Swaziland| |Tanzania| |Togo| Tunisia| |Uganda|
|Western Sahara| |Zambia| |Zimbabwe|

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|Northern Mariana Islands (U.S. territory)| |Palau| Papua New Guinea| |Pitcairn Islands (UK′s territory)|
|Saipan| |Samoa| |Solomon Islands| |Tokelau (NZ′s territory)| |Tonga| |Tuvalu| |Wallis and Futuna (French territory)| |Vanuatu| |Yaren|

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