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Planet of People Foundation for Education and Culture is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created to contribute, in accordance with the aims declared in the Constitution of UNESCO, to peace and security in the world, in particular, by giving fresh impulse and developing new approaches to communication between the peoples and employing these approaches to promote through educational and cultural exchange a truer and more perfect knowledge of each other′s lives that can advance mutual understanding and respect which in its turn can be a foundation for intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind necessary in a spirit of mutual assistance and concern to defend peace and every man′s dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms affirmed by the Charter of the United Nations.


The main and unique part of the activity of the Planet of People Culture and Education Foundation is a cultural and educational, news and analytical Planet of People TV project dealing first of all with the history and almost all aspects of the present-day life of literally all countries, as well as with various international issues, and designed for the synchronized worldwide broadcast on the Planet of People Channel (IBC "Planet of People" - International (global) public television and radio) and selective broadcast on the interested international, national and local channels.

The Planet of People TV project will consist of an international and national parts. The work on the national parts of the project will be carried out in collaboration with the interested national film production companies and TV channels in appropriate countries and - with the exception of the poorest countries - on funding from all possible national sources (individual benefactors, corporate sponsors, non-governmental funds, governmental financial contributions, funds of the national Planet of People units).

One of the missions of the project is to be kind of a multilingual country-specific video encyclopedia (historical, cultural, political, etc.) available for potential global audience first off all during the round-o′clock synchronized broadcast on the Planet of People Channel and from the video archive on the web site of the Foundation.

Suggestions in regard to the content of the national parts of the project are equal concerning all countries. For example, the content of the U.S. part of the project can include the following:
• an original Planet of People documentary series about the history and the present-day life of the United States (topics of the project - ethnogeny, historical chronicle, contemporary political system, contemporary economical issues, national and social structure, demographic problems and an approach to its resolution, migration policy, democratic rights and freedoms, national security system (crime rate, prevention of crime, military forces), political parties and religious organizations, state of the civil society development, social, educational and health protection systems, culture, science, ecology, children, youth, women, seniors, invalids issues, foreign policy, tourist attractions, trends of national development, etc. - the series presenting each country is supposed to start and end with an interview with the head of state/the head of the government and the final comment; number of films in the project is not limited in advance and will depend on intentions of all interested parties and funding);
• documentaries related to the history and the present-day life of the U.S. offered for inclusion into the national part of the project by the national and foreign filmmakers;
• samples (by one issue) of the national TV programs (i.e. programs made by the national production companies including copies of the foreign projects) presently broadcast on the U.S. television channels for additional representation of the U.S. (of the modern culture and mass media in the U.S. as represented by the national television) within the Planet of People TV project (if the international audience of the Planet of People Channel gets interested in full show of any program this matter will be brought up for discussion to appropriate right-holders);
• fiction films made by the U.S. filmmakers related to the history and the today′s life of the U.S.;
• documentaries the lives of ordinary people and small communities in the modern-day United States;
• folk, classic and modern music (canned records of the national performers.

Funding: national individual benefactors, corporate sponsors, funds of the U.S. National Directorate of the PPF, commercial advertising, governmental financial contribution (one of the potential co-producers of the Planet of People TV project compared its idea, regarding its uniqueness for the present time, initial large-scale approach to the matter in question and its fundamental peace-building idea, with the idea of modern Olympic Games which has been implemented into not only a very important sports, but also a symbolic public and political event of modern history; supporters of the project consider this comparison as just, as well as, due to the same reasons, comparison with the idea of the United Nations Organization (" a really Uniting Nations′ Television"); alike to Olympic Games and solution of appropriate issues at the national levels, and to governmental financial contributions for maintenance of UNESCO, organizational and financial participation of the governments of all countries in the Planet of People media project (IBC "Planet of People" - International (global) public television and radio) is considered as necessary, logical and in different - maybe symbolic - amounts possible).

Supposed work timetable on Planet of People TV in the U.S.: preproduction - till January... 2014 (formation of the U.S. National Directorate of PPF, agreements on funding and TV program sponsorship, producers, production crew, coauthors-screenwriters, narrators, etc.); production (the first interviews, etc.) - from May... 2013; U.S. films and TV programs available in the video archive on the Planet of People website - from June ... 2013; broadcast of the U.S. part of the Planet of People TV project on the Planet of People Channel - when ready on consultation with the International Honorary Advisory Council of the Planet of People project.

Additional work for the national teams of the project: preparation/participation in the preparation of the international and other national parts of the Planet of People TV project for the broadcast in their countries (translation, voice-over, subtitles).
The launch of the start-up version of the Planet of People cable TV Channel is tentatively planned for January... 2014.

The international part of the project will include, in particular, educational programs and documentaries on various topics made by various production companies, as well as news and analytical programs of the TV companies from various countries which as programming sponsors of the project* will consent to their broadcast on the Planet of People Channel - the last is designed to realize the right of and ensure an additional opportunity for the citizens of many states to get more information in their mother tongue or sufficiently understandable language about current affairs in other countries and the comment to important events and disputable issues of more suppliers of news and analytical programs from various countries.

The Planet of People TV project is designed to serve as:
• a self-sufficient educational TV project with fundamental peace-building idea in accordance with the declared purposes of UNESCO and the International Foundation for Education and Culture "Planet of People" - through culture and education - to sustainable peace and international security in the world (expected global partnership, organizational and financial support of the project by the governments, non-governmental organizations and businesses along with the project's public, non-for-profit and international status, as well as its synchronized broadcast in the most countries of the world can be considered in social and political aspect as a symbolic action representing the good will of the progressive and active part of the world general public, as well as governmental and intergovernmental bodies to actively support and take part in an innovative, unique mass media project dedicated to promoting through education, in particular, by means of television a truer and more perfect knowledge of each other's lives that can advance mutual understanding and respect between the peoples, as well as development of public initiatives in the area of cultural and educational exchange and peace-building processes, the openness of information policies, elimination of double standards in foreign and domestic policy, concern about level of culture, civil activity and self-organization of youth and societies in general, etc)
• kind of permanently available visual aids for educational activity of the International Center for Culture and Education "Planet of People" and any other organizations in various countries interested in using appropriate footage for their educational purposes;
• an additional advertising resource for providing distribution and other services to TV production companies and other right-holders who are willing to offer their programs for inclusion into the international and national parts of the Planet of People TV project;
• etc.

Supporters of the People TV project in various countries are sure that its successful realization will be a really unique, outstanding and ground breaking event in the history of television, international cultural and educational exchange and international relations in general presenting a new and maybe at this moment the most large-scale and effective approach to what is called public and cultural diplomacy.

The fact of the active participation of each country in such a unique and large-scale international non-profit non-governmental project will certainly have only positive impact on its reputation in the world public opinion proving its mass media openness and commitment to the freedom of dissemination of and access to information, as well as determined willingness to do everything possible to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between all peoples of the world for sustainable peace and development. And there is no reason to doubt that the worthy representation in the Planet of People TV project of a certain country can contribute to the growth of people′s interest in its present-day life, its history and culture.

Due to the uniqueness, initially planned large scope (we have to undertake certain organizing efforts simultaneously in many countries worldwide) and accordingly special difficulty in realization of the project on the preparatory stage its details and time frames can be corrected during the work on it.

The team of the Planet of People project presently continues to work on creation of the multilingual website of the Planet of People Foundation, database of our already actual and potential partners for the work on the national parts of Planet of People TV, formation of a world-wide network of the Foundation′s project coordinators/representatives, incorporation of the Planet of People national units, contacts with potential partner educational facilities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as with owners of various television products to discuss the possibility of their participation in the project.*

* such phenomena in the history of mass communication media as the Planet of People TV (IBC "Planet of People" - International (global) public television and radio/"Planet of People" TV Channels) and online video archive project and, in particular, TV programming sponsorship can emerge simultaneously and in connection with each other.

** the author of the Planet of People project, its initiative group and supporters in various countries are sure that despite the present-day and probable future financial and political problems in some countries of the world which considerably complicate resolution of financial issues there is no objective reasons which exclude necessity and expediency of continuation of the preparatory work on the projects and the very possibility of their gradual implementation in 2013-14.

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