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The Planet of People Festival

The annual Planet of the People international festival was conceived along the lines of similar international events held to focus the world's attention on particular themes.

The Festival programme shall include the non-stop projection of documentary films dedicated to important and interesting themes of the day in a number of cinema theatres in the major host towns. These films shall be translated and subtitled in English. The programme shall also include charity performances by national and international stars, final mass rallies and/or marches. It is also expected that the rights-holders to video materials from different countries will also take a charitable part in the Festival.

It is proposed to hold the festival during the summer in 10-20 major cities of the world simultaneously in different continents. Revenue from a number of events will be used to realise the Fund's projects.

The special International Organising Committee will manage the organisation of the Festival together with the corresponding national and inter-regional departments/representatives of Fund.

Note: In the summer of 2007, a simultaneous charity show-marathon involving international star was held in 10 towns of the world. It focused on the problems of global warming and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world took part in it. About two billion viewers watched the broadcasts of the show marathon all over the world. Other problem areas such as the danger of atomic weapons proliferation, the prevention of global economic crises, international terrorism, armed conflicts, drug additional, people trafficking and the problems of globalisation in general are no less serious or topical than global warming The Planet of the People International Festival believes it will also be able to count on the participation of global celebrities, patrons and sponsors, and correspondingly a large number of direct participants and international television audience for the Planet of the People television channels and other national TV channels broadcasting this event live or recorded.

* The realisation of this project depends to a large extent on the realisation of the Planet of the People video project.

Work on the Planet of the People video project.

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